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The Cowtown Marathon 2015 – A Historic Event

Cowtown marathon

The 2015 Cowtown Marathon hit the record books this year and not because of the record breaking attendance that was predicted, but because races were cancelled for the first time in more than 30 years. All of Saturday’s races were cancelled because of the hazardous weather conditions. Sunday, the Marathon and Ultra Marathons were cancelled because the longer routes were considered too hazardous.

The promise of 28,000 runners dwindled down to some 6,000. However, you have to admire those that did run. Most of us would have simply said “It is too cold, too wet and too slick” and called the ball on the whole thing. Those that braved treacherous road conditions just to get there, then ran a half marathon in less that ideal conditions—temperatures hovering just above freezing and a steady rain — have to be admired.

As an exhibitor at the Expo, the Firm Cardio Studio gave away door prizes throughout the expo. We wish we had the resources to give everyone that ran a prize, that is how much we admire them. Many of whom probably woke up before dawn Sunday morning to see the cold rain coming down.

They most likely checked the news and saw that overpasses were still frozen over and that driving there was going to be a challenge. They most likely considered getting back under the covers and staying put. But they fought off the voices in their head that told them that this would be tough, that they would be cold and miserable and that there was a risk of injury. They pushed past those fears and slid their way to the race. They stood in the freezing rain to use the Porto-potties in the parking lot, they donned their rain gear, pinned on their bibs and hit the pavement. Their only goal — to cross the finish line 13.1 miles later. They trained for months for this race and nothing would stand in their way.

While we can’t give them all a prize, we can do this. We are inviting runners to take a free class at The Firm Cardio Studio, show your Medal when you visit the studio and we will give Cowtown Marathon 2015 runners one entire week of unlimited classes absolutely FREE!

Below is a list of those names drawn in the door prize drawing. If your name is listed and you haven’t already picked up your prize, please call or email. You can still pick up your prizes at our Studio. Everyone that registered for door prizes will remain in the drawing for our Grand Opening Giveaway of a  Free One Year membership to The Firm Cardio Studio. Second Prize: heart rate monitor, Third Prize: gym bag.

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