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Train Insane or Remain the Same!

by Crissy Weddle

Why train Insane?

High Intensity Interval Training recruits type 1 and 2 muscle fibers, which builds better muscle – muscle that burns more calories 24/7.  The intervals ensure that you never get too good at an exercise.  For example, if all you do is run at a 10 minute mile pace, your body quickly becomes efficient, so instead of 100 calories a miles, you might burn only 85, according to physiologist.

Why train Insane in a Group?

lf you have seen, attempted, or even successfully completed the infamous Insanity program from home video, you must try this group x format.  Insanity is HIIT training.

Professional coaching helps you better achieve your goals.

As a certified instructor for the Insanity format, I can show you how to modify each movement to fit your fitness level.  So if you are a beginner or a pro athlete, you will achieve amazing results implementing Insanity in your fitness routine.

The 50 minute format includes warmup,  4 blocks, and cooldown.  Each movement is 30 seconds,  each block has 4 movements that we repeat 3 times, and at the end of  each block there is a 1 minute power movement. Block 1: Speed and Plyometric movement (exploding jumps such as burpees).  In this block, I can remove all jumps for clients that are beginning their workout routine.  This block is the high intensity portion that we achieve max heart rate.  Block 2 – Strength:  This block we slow down the movements and focus on using our own body weight to build the long lean muscles we desire.  Still burning calories, this block is lower intensity and we bring our heart rate down to 80%.  Block 3:  Coordination – I think this block is the funnest  and most challenging.  It brings our heart rate back to the max heart rate, and it trains our brain and brings muscle balance to our bodies. These moves use our upper and lower body in coordination and  will definitely train your brain and torch calories!  Block 4: Abs – As simple as it states, it’s time to strengthen our entire core.  Going back to lower intensity, these challenging,  slow and controlled exercises sculpt your waistline, and also improve our lower back strength.   And finally; our sweet reward,  a gentle cooldown for safe recovery.   Insanity provides the cardio to burn calories, increase endurance as well as provides an all over body strengthening workout for maximum results as HIIT training promises.

As a certified Insanity instructor, I can create a different routine for each class.  Music is on point and most of all we keep it FUN and encouraging!    I have taught members that pro atheletes to 80 years young! Our motto is “Train Insane or Remain the Same”!

In addition, you get support from other group members and maybe a little friendly competition.

So, what’s holding you back? Set your alarm and join the Insaniacs 5:45 a.m. each Tuesday and Thursday morning. It’s 45 minutes you will never regret!!