Have You Hugged Your Aerobics Instructor Today? |

Have You Hugged Your Aerobics Instructor Today?

Hug your instructor

Sounds like a silly question. But if you knew what many of these unsung heroes of the gym go through on a daily basis to to get every last drop of sweat out of your body, you would at least offer up a high 5.

These instructors are entertainers. They make us smile when we are in pain. They are part drill sergeant, part motivator, part compassionate support.  They make us laugh and yes sometimes they make us cry.

They are of course teachers. They show us how to do the exercises correctly, teach us the choreography and sometimes even keep us up on current event.

They are motivators. They keep us moving when we want to give up. They make us jump higher, run faster, lift heavier and push harder that we think we are capable of doing.

They are a friend. Someone to listen to our vents, someone who sympathizes with us, someone that brings us up when we feel down.

They spend countless hours outside the class learning a routine or researching new ways to make a class interesting. They stay up on the latest trends in the fitness world, they invest money into training, ongoing CEC, subscriptions to music, choreography and more. And when you add it all up at the end of the class, they are probably the lowest paid people on the face of the earth.

They don’t do this for the money, (but they do appreciate being paid for what they do). They do this for you. The people that show up to class day in and day out. And when you don’t show up for class, the first thing they think is “What am I doing wrong?” Why don’t they come to my class?” So the next time you think you might just “skip this class”, think about your instructor. If you don’t make the effort for yourself, make it for someone else.”I really regret doing that class, said no one ever!”

The Firm Cardio Studio has some of the finest instructors in the area. I’m proud to have them on my team.

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