John Lewis | The Firm Cardio Studio

John Lewis

Don’t be deceived by his laissez-faire demenor. When John is in charge of the class, it is go, go, go. Hang on to your hats, you are in for the ride of your life. John’s comedic approach to indoor cycle makes you wonder where the time went. If you have never done an indoor cycle ride, you will want his ride to be your first. John’s “Easy Rider” classes are geared for those new to indoor cycle with plenty of recovery time, shorter “in saddle work” and shorter “max intervals” than traditional cycle classes. But don’t be deceived by the name, while the class is extremely “do able” for the beginner, the end result calorie burn is well worth the 45 minute investment of time.



  • Schwinn Certified Indoor Cycle Instructor
  • Fitour Certified Indoor Cycle Instructor